Winning people over…

Misha didn’t like what Rashi was doing in her life. According to her it was utter nonsense. Rashi didn’t care much about her opinion. She went on with what she was doing, however she was a little sad. Misha never left an opportunity to pull her down for her actions.

Whenever something would go wrong with Rashi M would say “This is why I told you to stop that rubbish thing” M was very good in self marketing, so obviously her views had an edge over Rashi’s. She had that innate power to make believe what she is saying is correct (even if truth was around the opposite side of the universe) Also she could easily grab everyone’s attention.

No is perfect. But in the end whom would you prefer? The marketing minded one or the silent one? Who will be more fruitful?


Turn criticism into a challenge.

One morning while having breakfast she excitedly told him about her dream.. Something she wanted to do, something she aspired to become…

But to her surprise he ridiculed her… And rudely said that she would never be able to do the hard work required for achieving such great heights in life and she should rather get back to her daily routine, the place where she belongs..

Has anyone ever told you in life that you are good for nothing? Or that you won’t be able to do a particular work? Has anyone ever made fun of you for having big dreams in life?

What was your reaction in that situation? Was that person strong enough to demotivate you and come between you and your dreams? Or were you confident enough in your capabilities to prove that person wrong and to live the life you had imagined…

P.s. Never give anyone the right to make you feel less about yourself. You are worth much more. Just believe in yourself and follow your dreams. Convert all the negativity into positive criticism and keep working.

Who will talk first?

His one line reply was enough to put her into a gloom of despair.

She didn’t ask anything further as his words seemed a final answer to her.

He waited for her to ask more. As she didn’t, he left.

She thought why had he chosen so.

He thought why she hadn’t cared enough to ask him for explanation ..

Ego and assumptions are powerful enough to ruin relationships. Keep an eye for heart to heart conversations.

When you are feeling negative or sad..

It’s funny because I woke up this morning feeling extremely sad about a couple of things. Work, personal life, almost everything actually..

And I hadn’t written to you guys in a while so let’s do this exercise together..

If you are low, if you are doubting yourself, if you aren’t happy about your work or are upset with someone in your personal life. It’s so important to shift your energy when you’re vibrating at such low frequencies and want good things to happen to you.

We all have sad days where we can’t even pin point the exact reason for our sadness, on the other days however we can pin point someone or something for spoiling our energy.

I woke up today and I was feeling all of these negative things. I was not happy with my work. I wasn’t feeling happy on the personal front either.

And i had two choices : I could either just sit and crib the whole day or just shift my energy. And the best way to do that is by focusing on good things.

Make a list of all the things you love about your work/personal life and say it out loud, how grateful you are about these things. Once you’ve made the list say thank you, thank you out loud AND FEEL IT.

Let’s do this together..