Monday Notion

Don’t become the person you hate.



We’ve all been conditioned to behave in a certain way. I once thought it was only the people who were polite and nice – the kind that excuse themselves after burping, don’t break queues, let others step the line but don’t budge from their stance.

But turns out we’ve all been treated with carrots and sticks – one set for everyone so that you can use it for everyone to make them similar to you.

The world will be such a better place if we let people be. Stifle the urge to say told you when they stumble, stand with your arm outstretched instead.

Don’t try to pop people’s bubbles. They’ll simply come to yours and is that any better? It’s just another lens anyway.

Good things take time.

You didn’t get selected for that job.

The guy whom you loved a lot, broke up with you.

You are in a financial crisis.

Things aren’t good in your family.

You had a fight with your friends.

No matter what the situation you may be going through right now. Or how difficult it may seem. It will pass. Don’t loose hope. Just keep putting in the efforts. Cause they never go in vain.

And always remember Good things take time.

P.s. I know I’ve not been very active lately. But I promise to write more often henceforth. And also, I’m adding a doodle I made recently. Do share your views on that and should I add a new category where I upload these more frequently?

Start by making your bed.

Since childhood, my father has taught me that once you wake up you should start the day by making your bed.

It’s a really very small activity and does not consume much time but gives us a little sense of accomplishment that we’ve done one work correctly ourselves and further motivates us to achieve our targets of the day.

And in case we have a bad day, we come back to a bed that we made in the morning and can feel good about it. It will give us the encouragement we need, that tomorrow will be a better day.

P.s. If you want to change your life, or bring a change in the world. You have to start by making your bed.

Tell me people do you have this habit and has it brought a difference in your outlook towards life? Or have you ever wanted to adopt the same? Keep sharing your views.

Winning people over…

Misha didn’t like what Rashi was doing in her life. According to her it was utter nonsense. Rashi didn’t care much about her opinion. She went on with what she was doing, however she was a little sad. Misha never left an opportunity to pull her down for her actions.

Whenever something would go wrong with Rashi M would say “This is why I told you to stop that rubbish thing” M was very good in self marketing, so obviously her views had an edge over Rashi’s. She had that innate power to make believe what she is saying is correct (even if truth was around the opposite side of the universe) Also she could easily grab everyone’s attention.

No is perfect. But in the end whom would you prefer? The marketing minded one or the silent one? Who will be more fruitful?