Hey..!!  Well yes, My first post and I am talking about the so called confusions in my life. To start with, I was apprehensive as to who would be interested in knowing my thoughts and opinions on things. But after some thought I decided to give it a kick start.

To be frank, I seriously dont know what is going on in my life. I want something desperately and I would get the exact opposite thing in return.

I remember a song which fits my life accurately at this point

Bas confusion hi confusion hai. Solution kuch pata nai..                          Soultion jo mila toh question ka pata nai (unknown)

p.s. I love doodling. I like to express myself with them. So a doodle with a regular post is a promise 🙂

till then goodbye. Do give your reviews.


92 thoughts on “Confused. ”

  1. confusions indicate how lucky you are to have choices in life and the diff. perceptions you use to view the life each time in some other way! I hope you find yer confused ans. and please share it too!! 🙂
    hahaha…. sweet doodle I too doodle sometimes!

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    1. Hey…Something in common. I am glad 🙂
      and i totally agree about your view. I have different perspectives in life thatsy i am a bit confused 😀
      looking to find the answers myself. As soon as i finish my search. Will share with u as well
      kisses :*

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  2. a song which fits my life accurately is “main aisa kyun hu” 😁😁
    Which is again a song for messed up & confused souls 😛 I guess everyone is confused about SOMETHING in there life !

    Welcome to blogosphere 😊
    Wish you a happy blogging journey !
    Keep Writing ! Think हटK !! Be Awesome 😎

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  3. Confusion is the state which is neither white nor black . It’s something in between like grey.

    Solution to confusion is simple . You make choice and select either black or white.

    The moment you have decided one thing other lost its relevance.

    Indeed nothing wrong or write , good or bad exists in this world. It’s only our perceptions that make it such as wrong and right.

    Interestingly in ever changing world . Our thoughts are changing consistently, so there is no fun to have confusion in life.

    Hope I could help you on this.

    Great post.

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      1. If that decision impacts just yourself you can be wreck less but if your decision impacts many and yet you are in dilemma and you have tried everything to fix yourself up
        To kya kia jae

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      2. When you are driving alone, you can afford to do rash driving, break some signals and pay for challans
        But when you have people you care about in the backseat and it’s sunset time, you are afraid to take a turn to a wrong pathway.

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      3. Hey there.
        why you are filled with so much negative vibes?
        i aint gonna unfollow you. I like the way you write Alot my blogging frnd 🙂
        just try to let go of all that which holds you back.
        and talk to someone who makes youfeel good about yourself more often.
        love :*


      4. I understand you are doing it for me and are concerned. But it creeps me out that I am under supervision always. I want to be me. If I want to cry, I will cry without the feeling that it’s not an appropriate reaction. If you are at home, still you feel under supervision and you can’t see and understand it. It’s scary. Now I understand even then it’s scary. I was perfect without any supervision. There’s nothing intensely negative in me but I want to live in reality like a normal happy person. I don’t want to believe in both the other options. Both are scary. I need to restore the happy me. And I don’t have any other option, I can’t afford both the options this situation presents. I want to be happy, helping and loving. If I go any other way it would affect mom and I value her more than me. And since this has caused a huge devastation though unintentional. I just want to be blind to it and act normal and feel normal as that’s the best way to handle this situation. I don’t see any other way. I don’t want to be protected or be under supervision. I will be better on my own. Please understand that I am scared and full of guilt and I have been quiet for so long as required that I need time out to get back to talk. And yehi to hua hai. I can’t express it any better. And I know you will understand. I want to be here wherever I am. In present, not in believing that I am protected and under supervision and not believing that I am diseased. I guess that’s the reason I run each time, it happens because I can’t face it. And I don’t want to. I understand your side of the story but please understand mine too. I want to be here every moment good or bad. Fight it like a normal person. Not a psychic or a psycho, both are scary. What happened on both sides is scary and I understand that but I am a kid too and I can’t keep running away from everywhere. I want to get back to equally expressive in person as in writing. Live every moment not roam around like a lost duck. And if I can’t handle it, I can’t expect and make anyone understand it. No logic no gut. No drugs and no fears. Normal happy life. Happiness and peace everywhere. I don’t want to be gifted because it’s other side is being unknowingly immensely cursed and this is not a Disney frozen movie. This is life and I am a human and I want to live it like one. You are best and I am good. I don’t want to be either best or not good enough. I know that everyone loves and cares and I do same but this is the best option I have.
        I want to live peacefully no regrets, no grudges. I want to be average that is safest and you know this already. I am happy being average. I won’t give up because mom never gave up on me and I won’t give up on her even if it comes at a tag of being weird. It kills me each time I think about past. I won’t be able to breathe leave aside living peacefully. I have to unlearn everything to learn to be normal. I am a fighter, because my mom is. But I don’t want to hurt a single person or process in my fight. My fight is to be normal. I don’t want to feel I can do everything or I can’t do anything. I don’t want to earn hatred or pity . And I know you will understand. I want balance not life in extremes. Being neutral or numb or insensitive is not an option. Peace and balanced life.
        Regards and love
        And I need time to talk again. A little negative feeling pushes me down just when I am trying to cheer myself up. I own the responsibility of everything that happened but I have to let go of it to act responsibly again.

        Regards love and thanks for saving me 🙂

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      5. If it’s not a disease,
        How can I stop the noises,
        How can I ignore these noises and act normally
        There are lots of discussion occuring currently over everywhere, why I listen to a particular discussion that I don’t see happening in front of my eyes
        How can I live in every present moment, if I hear all this
        What can I do to fix this
        The current situation freaks me out

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      6. Give some tym to yourself. Dont freak yourself out 🙂
        Everything’ll be normal soon.
        focus on all the good and positive vibes and let them flow in your system.
        for a second. Breathe. Relax. Everything will be normal soon i know. I believe 🙂


      7. What is happening with me?
        Why I am switching personalities to such extreme
        What you think is what you become at phenomenonal level
        I am in Sweden, yet I am feeling disturbed, though I am functioning well currently.
        Just when I thought, work is my escape, I will go mad if I will sit idle whole time, I got an attack while having proper sleep on medication on the last working day of office.
        I thought let’s try poetry and Blogging, and the stuff I am writing takes time,
        When I go for walks, I feel so powerful as I can do anything and when I feel helpless, I feel there’s nothing I can do. People don’t change personalities at this pace plus my fears and thoughts are impacting my mental health
        If I choose to not to know and restore the regular me
        And again it happens
        I need to know what it is and how to deal with it
        And freaking out is a normal reaction though I am controlling by reactions to respond not react but this is not normal and hard to believe.

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      8. Well. I am not aware much about what you are talking or the trouble you’ve been facing lately..
        Yet if you think, writing is your escape. And makes u happy or for sometym diverts your mind. Try that often. Write short articles or small poems. It will be easy and more helpful for you 🙂
        Give it some tym maybe. I repeat. Things will be normal soon for you. Just have faith.


      9. I too hope same and have faith things will work out eventually and I keep the courage of moving or slogging or moving ahead. Yet you helped me sort stuff by listening and understanding the situation at hand. Thanks. I appreciate.
        Regards and Love

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      10. Even I am not aware of the problem but I need to know to tackle the situation in a better way. I will check with one other doc because it’s tough to start from scratch each time. But I won’t be giving up.
        Thanks again for reaching out. I will write often but please unfollow now. I will be fine.
        Regards and love

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  4. You are not alone here. I am confused too so I joined the Daily Post Challenge: Complicated and Confused. I merge the two subjects as it fits in my situation. I hope you could find and read that post. BTW… you draw so well. I am looking forward to see more of your doodling how I wish I could do that too.

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  5. I think at some point in our lives confusion will arise. No matter how well you make your plans when the gear turns, you’ll feel lost and confused. At my age, I really have no idea where I’m headed but I’m happy being confused. Love your doodles. 😊

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    1. Well I think we both are stuck at the same phase of our life maybe.. Where we have no direction as to where our life is headed. Hope we get our lives sorted soon 🙂 till then lets just enjoy the state of confusions 😀
      And thanks alot.

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  6. and yeah i do agree with living what your life is now to the fullest….don’t let situations have an effect on it….coz i guess i m going through a similar one….but i m managing….zindagi me yeh sab toh chalte rehta hai yaar….juz chill….

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