Today in the morning, my father asked me ‘what are your plans for future?’ And for a second I was speechless. As I am still so confused what field to chose and what I would be best in. Arent we all running in the cat race day & night to secure a good desirable life ahead of us?

Well for me, I have my mind set how I want my future life to be like-1. To have a good job (something that’s also my passion)                                           2. To have a loving family.                         3. To enjoy each day that I’m alive.         4. To make a difference in someone’s life someday. 🙂

Tell me about your dreams and plans for the future people? Something you would want to do? Something different?

p.s. Thankyou everyone for the support for my last post. Hope you like this one as well. Waiting for your reviews 🙂


65 thoughts on “Future.”

      1. I like writing, and I write. But you know, it’s not easy to make it big with your dreams all the time. So I’m still confused…but I’ve learnt that there is always more than one thing that will make us happy in this world 🙂

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      2. Writing is your passion. Indeed i loved your posts when I read them 🙂
        And confusion is okay. We all make it big i believe some way or the other. We should just keep trying and not loose hope.


      3. I like the way you write from what I’ve read so far. There is a lot of honestly in your words and you say it like it is 🙂 You are also so right – keep trying. You don’t know where you can go if you just try 🙂

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  1. A promising blog with honest writing and exquisite ‘doodles’ … I am following this blog and await new posts eagerly. And I am able to relate to the posts found here especially the latest piece. It reminds me of my youth. Keep on keeping on and may your pen remain dipped in the ink-pot so that we, your readers, may appreciate more of your work. Thank you for this blog and looking forward to reading much more from you. Cheers

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    1. It means alot. Thanks alot buddy for your appreciation. 🙂
      i love doodling. Its my passion. Whatever strikes my mind. I just sit down & try to doodle as its the best way for me to express myself I believe.
      Will try to more and more from now on.
      happy blogging.

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  2. 1. Want to clear IBPS PO this season
    2. Want to be a part of mnc and list it in my social networking profiles
    3. Wanna be entrepreneur or a content writer for a travel and living magazine where life would be completed 😉

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  3. I don’t know what’s gonna be my future. My goal is to make others happy and to be happy.Besides being an International player, I wanna continue rest of my life in sports And most important thing of my life traveling! without this … I can’t even think to have another day of my life.

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  4. I want to serve people as much as possible and make their life better.
    I do not know yet how I can implement this but I want to uplift every soul that falls.

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  5. If I can say here, I don’t want to make plan on future B’cos while in plan and the plan not go in sight it’s very painful (my own experience 😂😂😂)
    So here I’m happy with my current stage having good job(manager tittle ) and trying to keep smile with the roller coaster of life 😜

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