Its already 1 am and I am brooding over my broken friendships and failed relationships. When I saw a very relatable post on instagram. (photo)

One day, you’ll just be a memory to some people. Do your best to be a good one.’

If we always have these few lines in our mind, Wont our reaction to certain situations change automatically? Wont we like to give up the argument easily to safeguard our relation? Be more humble? Do everything possible to keep our dear ones happy?

p.s. I am stuck in 1 such situation people. Where I’m unable to decide which path to choose. Where I should let go of all the grudges I have or to hold on to the BIg EgO we humans have..Give your suggestions people 🙂


23 thoughts on “Memory. ”

  1. Keep doing what heart tells, the mind almost plays games…. Not fault of my mind, our fault as we made it our masters.
    Some people like you me I feel are more giving and the more we give the more chances are of getting hurt. So it is we who need to decide to protect our heart from been hurt again and again. We need to respect ourselves more and see that we are priority….. No Ego here as we are protecting the Soul from suffering.
    We all are connected at certain level of frequencies via vibes… But we are so much ourselves body that we forget this body is to decay as time comes.
    Nothing is good or bad it is our perception…… Love and give with no expectations of getting back anything trusting the Source that it will always give us the best…. After the dreams, desires, fantasies got broke and heart broke into pieces as if realized one thing some are born to suffer, some are born to give suffering….. And we can only be so soft that see the others happy even if they have hurt us…… Because as those lines say be a memory which can be remembered forever and trust me those who play with heart of others, those who are into drama, those who break promises they will suffer more when they remember those people who were good, loving, kind always.

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  2. Its better to move forward from broken passages of life leaving smiles behind the faces even for those who loved you once as the life is full of surprises you never know whats there hidden something in future for you.

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  3. Just follow your heart. You don’t need to do anything else. You are a human being, and every one possesses an ego. You aren’t the only one. Move forward in life, do not look back. Looking back only gives heartache, you don’t need it any longer. Stay happy. If you feel angry, bitter, depressed or heartbroken, let it all out. It’s normal. But hope for a better tomorrow. Make friends, let go of the people who always manage to hurt you in one way or another. They don’t deserve your precious company. Forget about the past. If you cannot forgive and forget, then dislike and forget. Do not hate. It’s a very strong word.
    Plenty of utterly vile people inhabit the mother earth, but amongst them some flowers bloom. Befriend those flowers, and you shall not regret your decision.
    I wish you the best.
    Remember, past is unimportant, present is tiresome but future is mysteriously beautiful. It’s hard to smile, but it’s not impossible. Good luck! 🙂

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