Mystery of Secrets. :D

Long time back, I once shared a secret with my bff. I had almost forgotten it after telling her that and had faith that it would always remain between us only.

But, to my surprise, Recently I got to hear the same story by somebody who claimed her bff had told her about it. And here I was sittting chilled out that the ‘secret’ wont ever be revealed.

Doesnt it sound a bit funny? I told to my bff. She told to one of her bestie. She again must have passed it on to her bff. And the chain goes on till the entire town knows about the mystery of secrets 😀 

P.s. That day I learned a good lesson ‘Never give your secret to anyone. Because if you can’t keep it to yourself Don’t expect others to. 

thanks alot everyone for your support. Keep giving your reviews. 🙂 


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