Being different. :)

You are different. It doesn’t mean you should live in seclusion. You should meet new people, make friends and have a big circle. But you should not give up your individuality. You should not change for people. You should remain the way you are, many would disagree or would be unhappy with you but you should have patience and wait till you find the right ones who love the real you. πŸ™‚

Peer pressure is one such reason because of which people take actions under the influence of others. Sometimes just to showoff in front of them. We should let go of this pressure. And should not be afraid in being different from others. We should maintain our indentity and be proud in who we are.

p.s. Let’s dare to be different people and feel proud in the way we are and promise ourselves not to change for the sake of others. Thankyou for your support my lovely followers. It means a lot. Keep giving your reviews. πŸ™‚


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