Life goes on..

Haven’t you heard this phrase often? Whenever something goes wrong, somebody abandons us, hurts us, or if things are just falling apart don’t we sometimes try to tell ourselves or are reminded by our loved ones that dude Life goes on. No matter what !!

Something that I have learned in life lately. Life stops for none, even after the death of our loved ones. Sad but true right? We have to get up, dress up, work, earn and live our normal lives. So why do we get affected by the small things in life? Why do we feel broken when something wrong happens or when things don turn out the way we want or when people leave us?

P.s. People we need to fall in love with ourselves. We need to remind ourselves daily that we are capable and able to do anything we hope for. We should not loose hope when something wrong or sad happens. We need to remind ourselves that something good always takes place after something worse. We should love ourselves and even if at some day we are left alone we should just have that BIG SMILE on our faces. Cause LIFE GOES ON πŸ™‚Β 


6 thoughts on “Life goes on..”

  1. Yep πŸ‘. Life just keeps on going and moving..
    we just have to learn that we can take time to grieve the loss of whatever or whoever..
    but like everything else.. it passes and we have to continue living..

    Your article is a great πŸ‘ reminder to those that can’t get past certain tragic events in their lives.. to get up and get past it.. and just keep moving with life

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