“That’s the trouble with earth. Nobody talks anymore. And so we’ve all become a bunch of unopened love letters.” 

Communication. Has it not become less with the passing years? Be it with our family, friends or our loved ones? We live in an era where everyone is engrossed in his life. Some don’t talk because of their king sized ego. Some don’t because they are busy updating their statuses with what’s going on in their minds. Some communicate but that communication is not so proper it leads to confusion because there is a gap created. So many instances come to mind like I lost a good friend because ofthe big communication gap created between us, one time bffs turned absolute strangers to each other. Our parents come back home and sometimes they dont have time for us to sit and talk? We feel for someone but are unable to express? People living in the same house are living as strangers but fully active on the social media? 

ps. Friends I think we should all communicate with each other more often. As talking itself is a solution to many problems and would help us to simplify our lives in many ways.  We should just speak. Speak what we feel. Speak for ourselves. Speak. 🙂 


20 thoughts on “Communication.”

  1. We have become accustomed to this new reality, and how much ever we want to get out of this trance of SM, you are still in its’ grasps.
    And yes, you make a very valid point that we should start conversing more often, not the online conversations, but by meeting in person.

    Great post. 🙂

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  2. There is no alternative to communication. In face to face communication, we know, not only words which are said but the emotions with which they are spelled. In recent times,the technology has helped to bridge the communication gap but most people are not equipped to handle it. Instead of this , they have used same technology and drifted in wrong direction. A simple gesture , kind word can have bigger impact in relationship than a smiley.

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  3. Well written and straight to the point. We are communicating our feelings a lot less and expressing how we really feel to avoid being vulnerable. We are somewhat becoming more robotic in the way we communicate to each other. Good job!

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