Good & Bad. :)

Let’s start with today’s incident : I had a bitter argument with one of my close friend.  I couldn’t say a word back to her and was almost in tears when driving back for my NGO work. I was upset and thinking of all the nonsense shit and had almost started blaming my life for going in the wrong direction, nothing good is happening with me blah blah …But after finishing my work, we decided to bid farewell to one of our friends and hangout for sometime in a cafeteria. A thought came in my mind. When I was going back after all the cries, smiles and a few goodbyes. 

Life keeps surprising us always. Whenever we fall, or have a breakdown, or are just simply upset or blaming our lives because of something stupid. It gives us many more reasons to smile, rejuvenate and thank God as after something bad we are always blessed with something good in our lives. We just have to be patient enough to notice that and be happy about it than sob about the negative things 🙂


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