Word with a smile.

I had gone to market with my mother today for shopping of grocery items when I realised that some jobs are so thankless. We don’t appreciate some people for what they do for us. Isntit?  I thanked the guard uncle for opening the gate for us while moving out and smiled. This made him smile also. 🙂  Just think how many times do we thank such people for their efforts? How many times we appreciate what is done for us by our family ? Very less often or never right?

I believe people should be appreciated. They should be thanked for the tasks they perform for us. If not we can atleast smile and express it through our gesture. Cause good words stay in the mind of people for a long time & have a positive impact on them. And smile is infectious you can catch it like a flu. Someone smiled at me today and I started smiling too 🙂

p.s. Spread smiles people. Leave an impact with your words in lives of others. Be thankful. Learn to appreciate. Acknowledge. 🙂  here goes a doodle sorry I was not able to draw from so long due to my hectic schedule.


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