“Why do we celebrate festivals?” She asked her father with a quizzical expression on her face.

He looked at her with a sweet smile and answered, “We celebrate various festivals in different religions like eid, diwali and christmas. These festivals are all differnt and have a reason why they are celebrated. But in modern times, the concept of celebrating festivals has become even more important as it helps to bring people closer and spread happiness all around.”

And now, she understood what her father had said. The reason of celebrating festivals has evolved from the religious history to be a restrengthening of bonds between near and dear ones. It is a day when we take a pause from the hustle and bustle of everyday lives and spend some quality time together.


40 thoughts on “Festivals. ”

  1. How absolutely True. Everything we learnt from our Ansectors, had a purpose to it, to teach us something. Though today, we blindly follow it.
    Like Lord Ganesha’s Festival was started by Nehru to get people to come together and pray and celebrate.
    Otherwise without Festivals, we would all be “Inside our House locked up”. Festivals bring together Family and Friends in Society.

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  2. Hi, I was looking to your blog and I see that you don’t have a menu section(or at least is not easy to find), it is important in my opinion to have some words in About (about you), creating human connection with your readers is important. I like your pictures. In the right side you have to put more info about your site also (my opinion).
    Hope I was helpful.

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