Think before you speak.

Words, oh words, will break your soul..  I had read this somewhere and found it to be so apt now. People these days speak whatever comes in their mind, use the most abusive, vulgar language they can and don’t think of the effect it can have on the listener.

 People please it’s a humble request Think before you speak. Because your words have the power to break or make someone. Think how you would feel if someone treats you badly. Wont you be guilty of ruining someone’s day by your words.? Would you want someone to be demoralised because of you? Would you want someone already suffering to have an even worse condition?

So please people think before you speak. And spread the magic of your words among people.:)  

 p.s  did you encounter a similar situation like me where people used bad words for you? Also your reaction. Please share. Keep giving your reviews


29 thoughts on “Think before you speak.”

  1. This is so true! One time someone called me a “cu*t”, when I was 13 at school, and didn’t even deserve that title. It’s such a vulgar word and it really effected me afterwards. I don’t even know what any 13 year old could do to deserve the title. Obviously, I cried, and the girl got reported, but there was no sanction for it? which annoyed me. But two years down the line, she’s still the same as she was then.

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    1. A similar incidence occured with me. Trust me. People open their mouths and speak whatever they want without giving it a second thought as to how it’ll affect the other person. People don’t think before speaking. But lets just have a big heart or a sensible mind to not repeat the same withthese people 🙂

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      1. They don’t realise the effect it has on other people, which is sad because they’re being inconsiderate and it hurts other people 😦

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  2. Thank you for sharing you kind and compassionate heart…your message is timeless and always timely, given that the human condition results in people unleashing cruelty in all manner to ways. Thankfully, human nature, at its core, is founded on compassion…we must remind, and encourage, each other to share the best parts of ourselves 🙂 Great post!

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    1. Yes.
      thankyou so much buddy.
      you saying my words are always timely means alot to me. I try to write to convey something, that has been one of my experiences and they are they best teachers i believe when we are faced with something bad, we take a lesson to not repeat it. 🙂

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      1. Hi, there…I just figured out why you referred to me as “buddy”…just so you know, the post with the hand wasn’t my post, or my hand 🙂 I’d shared someone else’s post on my blog. Turns out, you’re not the only one who, by virtue of that photo, thought I a was a guy 🙂

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