Life after death?

Whenever I hear about someone’s death. The first thing that comes in my mind is what happens after we die? Is there a life after death? Are the stories true which  we have heard since our childhood that good people go to heaven and bad or the evil ones go to hell?  I mean what is hell and heaven? Is there any truth in such stories.

p.s. I want to know each and every one’s opinions. What exactly happens? Hell or heaven? Or we get a new birth? What? 


49 thoughts on “Life after death?”

  1. That is something that I truly too wonder actually what exactly happen after death. I think that will remain a mystery to be solved until we… As acc to astrology there is hell and heaven and acc to science there is a space that we call universe not that.

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  2. There is nothing like hell or heaven, it is just a state of your mind and let me tell u death is like a celebration and one progresses in life and there is no afterlife we all have to come back to fulfill our impressions. There is no mystery and we shed this gross body and go to our subtle body and that is what life after death is.

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      1. Because it is life and death are in the realm of illusion and why is it a celebration cause it releases you of all your gross impressions that you had collected in this life and there is so much peace when you are dead, it is like sleep when we are asleep are we not rested and feel so nice. Death is like that.

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  4. I’m quite convinced that our Soul after our Body dies, moves back to its Owner of the Universe, who then plants this soul into another body ready to be born on earth. Otherwise, how do you explain small kids, knowing how to play drums, knowing how to shoot baskets, knowing how to play table tennis. The Spirit still remembers its old body and in its new body, in the early stages, the kid (new body) learns from its Spirit (old body).

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  5. The genesis of the notion of heaven and hell really start with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It was God’s original purpose for humans to reside on a paradise earth (Genesis 2:15). As you continue to read that account we see that Adam and Eve sinned which is the reason why we die, sin and imperfection (Genesis 2:17,3:6,3:19). Many people believe there’s a burning hell for bad people but the bible doesn’t support that claim. Acts 2:31 is proof as it mentions that Christ was not forsaken in hell ( or the Grave in some translations). If Christ, who was a perfect sinless man, was not forsaken (or abandoned) in hell he had to go there first. So hell is technically the grave or our resting place while “asleep in death”. Jesus assured us that there is going to be a resurrection (John 5:28,29). If life on a paradise earth was Jehovah God’s original purpose for mankind there’s no reason to think that this purpose has changed. Revelation 21:3,4 is speaking of paradise conditions (no death, no pain, etc) but it’s actually referring to earth. Psalms 37:10,11 says that the meek will possess the earth and they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace. The question is how does heaven tie into this if when we die we’re to be resurrected to a paradise earth? Revelation 7:4 shows that a small number of people will go to heaven (144,000) not everyone that does good things. So in short, when we die, whether we were good or bad, we rest in hell (or the grave) until the time arrives for is to be resurrected. Heaven is reserved for a small few (the little flock referenced by Jesus at Luke 12:32) but the “great crowd” (Revelation 7:9) will reside on a paradise earth as originally purposed. You can find more information at This website is the only place I’ve seen that breaks the bible down so it’s easily understandable for questions like these and offers satisfying answers based on the bible.

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  6. I also had a time where I thought hard about the question of afterlife or in fact about the question of life and its purpose. I came to the conclusion that if we would live only to die in the end, this life would be worthless. So it would not matter if we´d die right at the moment. But because that didn´t seem logical to me I thought there has to be more than just this life. I found my answer in the islamic idea of the afterlife. I don´t have any credible online sources (at least at the moment). But you might look it up if you are interested. To summarize it you could say this life, it´s purpose, is the preparation for death or rather what comes after it – the afterlife that will last for forever. Every soul will get the reward and punishment according to what it did in this world. I guess the basis to accept this view is the belief in god, that He is the creator of every single being and that He will give justice to them according to their deeds, if they recognized the graces He offered them. So what will happen to you afterlife is somehow connected to the relationship to god you had (or had not) in this life.
    I hope you find your answer to the queation that can calm your heart.

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  7. I believe in heaven and in hell. There are some people in this world I have come across who have dreams or visions of such places. In fact, I believe in 7 heavens. Each higher one reserved for the more righteous and pious. For me getting in to the lowest level of heaven would be blessings enough as the “afterlife” is the start of the true life and resting place for your soul. Life on this world is just a test and I do not want to live in a way that will land me with eternity in hell.
    May God bless those before us who have passed, may they (and we) rest in peace and enter paradise. Amen.

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