In the dawn of life. 

My grandfather and I  were talking bout an uncle living in our neighborhood. His wife is no more, his children are always busy in work, and grandchildren are occupied with their studies. He lives a lonely life. Having many people around him in his family. Nobody has time to spend with him.

Why do old age people face this problem?  Why do their children don’t spend quality time with their parents and give them the love and attention they require? Isn’t this one of the reasons why people send their parents to old age homes? Many questions came in  my mind and to my surprise I saw a woman with her new born child. She was playing with her, cuddling her, telling her stories, trying to make the baby laugh somehow.

And I got all my answers, our parents who love us so much, and who have done everything for us in our life to make us what we are today. Is this the way we should reciprocate? By neglecting their needs? By not giving them our love, care and attention? 

People we should not forget, if this is the way we behave with our old aged parents. Our children will also do the same with us. Because this is the rule of life. Spend some time. Love them. Take care of them. Talk to them. Learn from their experiences. Make them smile. Laugh. Do everything possible for your Parents. 🙂


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