No negative vibes PLZ.! 

So to start with, i have had a bad time lately. In the last few months, people’ve accused me of something wrong, used bad words, people made me feel wrong about the way I am or the way i think, the decisions i take, about my beliefs and what not. There were so many negative vibes around me. An aura which made me feel so negative. Like Wait. How would you feel if somebody would make you feel this Way? Your life would be full of all that negative energy, you’d always be sad, lost, not able to concentrate properly, get the desired results, have all the sleepless nights and it would take a toll on your health..

After going through all these situations, I realised something. If I am filled with so much negative enegies, always thinking about the wrong that could happen or being all this sad, lost and lonely how does it bother anybody but me? It would affect my mental health only. So why should I be so negative always rather then focusing on the positive aspect of life.?

So slowly, I learned some ways to become a positive soul~

See the good in everything, stay with people who believe in you and your beliefs and make you feel good about yourself, read good books, listen to nice music that calms you, spend time with nature, write down  all the negative things and flush it out, and relax everything will work out,  just smile and tell yourself NO NEGATIVE VIBES PLZ! 😉 


61 thoughts on “No negative vibes PLZ.! ”

  1. If you need someone to listen, I’ll be there for you. I can give you my email if you want. All I want you to know is I’ve been EXACTLY where you are. As a young child, I was bullied everyday for 4 years straight for being who I was. There was no positivity in my life, only hatred, misunderstanding, confusion, and fear. For a long time I felt nothing then I only felt anger. But one day I had enough and I fought, just as you’re right now, to bring positivity back into my life. It was all I had. And now here I am trying to spread paintbrush to other people’s lives 🙂 I believe in you, YOU CAN DO THIS. It’s not easy by any matter and it sure isn’t glamorous but YOU WILL GET THERE and it’ll be WONDERFUL.

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    1. It’s not that i have nobody to listen to. You’re Mistaken i think by post. I have the best family in world, sweet siblings, some of very good friends i’ve been blessed with who are always ready to hear me and i speak my heart out in front of them.
      i just wanted to convey that there comes a phase in everybody’s life where we feel like everything is negative, nothing is in our favour and such wrong thoughts come in our mind, that time we should tell ourselves to be positive and face the world with a big BROAD SMILE 🙂

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    2. I think all the difficulties of life makes you a strong and better person. You went through something bad, but you learnt something. I think that’s a plus. I really admire that you took a positive approach and that phase of your life inspired you to help others. There’s always something good even in a bad situation, it’s just that you have to find it and I am glad you found it. God bless you!! 😊

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      1. Yes. I have always believed there is something good hidden in everything bad that we face. 🙂
        Even i am so happy that i found the right path aftet struggling so much. And i always wanted to share this out with people so that nobody looses hope and continues to be filled with all that negative energy.
        and thanks a lot
        May God bless you too: )

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      1. Sometimes despite having a strong system, situations turn to be Satan. There are no hero, heroine or villain but situation and perception that makes it looks so and by continuous internal and external analysis, we feel so messed up that we cannot figure out anything. Sannu key is easier said than done and respect those who can let it go. If it’s about my people, i can’t do and they too can’t do sannu key. I sometimes need time out. But I am that pup that always comes back home without hurting anyone. I am lucky to be shown the way back home when lost.

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      2. Even for me it’s difficult to think bad about anyone at the end of the day or hurt someone because of anything. Its just this way that even if someone is being rude, behaving badly. Shut your mouth, try to ignore and let it go. Give it some time it’ll be allright 🙂

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  2. Nice post!!
    Some people try and bring out the worst in us. Usually it’s because they are jealous of us or they don’t like our progress.

    And what you said is soo true.

    There is no use in giving such people power over your happiness and serenity!!

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      1. Don’t be the hero living with demons in your mind, you have already replaced them with positives. If negative are monsters, positives are angels. And for me all those who guided me back home are more than angels.

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  3. Ok this is slightly random, but what’s that thing in your profile photo doodle? I’ve been trying to figure it out and I can’t tell and it’s bothering me 😂

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    1. Well everybody on my blog has been asking me questions like ‘who i am?’ because i’ve not as yet revealed any social links or such.
      so i uploaded this pic 😀
      and good you asked it wont bother you know i Hope :p


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