Stop overthinking brain.!!

It’s been months, something is stuck on my mind. No matter what time of the day it is, or what activity i’m engrossed in. It doesn’t leave me and my brain is thinking it all over, once again. And I found that I started overthinkng about everything. No matter what the situation is I think, rethink, think once again and still i am not sure if the decision I have taken is right or wrong.

Overthinking each and every thing would make me feel demotivated, I started doubting myself, lost hope, i wont get the desired results. Nothing was actually working nicely or the way I wanted and it started having a bad effect on me and my health.

One day, while talking to one of my friends on phone. I was giving her the same advice when she was stuck somewhere ” DON’T THINK TOO MUCH. Your decision is right. Don’t take stress. Trust yourself. Just distract your mind. Have faith.  ” 

And i realised this is what i was supposed to do myself. I paused, STOP OVERTHINKING BRAIN i said. And smiled. 


23 thoughts on “Stop overthinking brain.!!”

  1. Yessss! What you just did there was “catch yourself!” You realized that you have a habit you don’t like it, you acknowledged it, and moved on! GOOD FOR YOU!!! I’m so so proud of you 🙂 catching yourself is by no means easy to do but it’s one of the key aspects of mindfulness. My gosh I’m so happy for you right now!!!

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