Can love be measured?

Count all the grains of sand in the world,  and add the number of stars in the sky, multiply by number of seconds you’ve lived,  add the number of people in the world, subtract the days i dontthink of you which equals to zero And you would get a fraction of HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU..!!

p.s.  While making this doodle this afternoon one question kept coming in my mind can love be measured??  By their actions, words or any way. What Is your opinion people?

And do share if you like my doodle 🙂 


61 thoughts on “Can love be measured?”

  1. Love ❤️ your doodles…
    Very creative.. and actually artistic…

    And your meaning of your quote…
    came out quite good mathematically..

    Love ❤️ is like the grains of sands….
    and the stars ✨ in the sky 🌌…,

    Can’t be counted and can’t be measured…

    We love ❤️ with infinity

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