Do you wish to be a mind reader?

Daily, something or the other happens which makes me so confused. I can’t assume things on my own. If not told otherwise. How do people expect others to understand their mood swings or the things going on in their mind?? Like isn’t it frustrating sometimes people don’t speak what they want from us or how they expect us to behave with them if they are not in the right frame of mind. And later, it becomes an issue, as they assumed we would understand things on our own?

And then I always wish how easy life would be if I could read the minds of people, how they think, how I would come to know easily what people expect out of me and how I should react. I so wish..

But lately, i also found some ways how to avoid such situations with people. We should just be more observant, speak less and analyse how people react under different situations.

So let me ask you people, Do you wish to be a mind reader??Β 


31 thoughts on “Do you wish to be a mind reader?”

  1. you know, all i can see in your image is an eye.. i donno if you noticed it.. and it took me months to have a clear vision.. but still, i can see that eye only at the first sight…may be , there is something , reading our mind..

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  2. I think that it would be so cool to be a mind reader, however, I don’t think I’d like to be one as I wouldn’t like someone poking around in my thoughts! ahah

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  3. Absolutely not! It would drive me insane as I find it hard to ignore things and imagine it being like hundreds of tabs open in your mind!
    Btw I love your blogπŸ˜„πŸ˜ it’s interesting and you’re a versatile writer. Great goingπŸ™Œ

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  4. You are so interesting! I do not think I’ve read anything like that before.
    So good to discover someone with some original thoughts on this subject matter.
    Seriously.. thank you for starting this up.
    This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a
    little originality!

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