EGO: Let it go

There were two best friends, who were always together. 24 hours of the day they would spend taking to each other.It was impossible to separate them even by their enemies who would be so jealous. 2 people, 1 heartbeat.

But one day, one of them stopped talking to another one. And kept waiting, wanting his friend to make some effort. Never did he realise his ego was even bigger. And the long time friendship of years came to an end because of their king sized ego.

We always wait, want the other ones to make some effort for us. Never realising the other one can expect the same from us? Why can’t we give up our Β ego and talk to people about the problems which we have with them. Β Many a times we sacrifice the relation but are not walling to Let go our ego.

Once again people, we won’t become smaller in size if we speak, ask questions, make the first effort, Leave the word ‘I’, listen more, acknowledge our mistakes, make some adjustments. Ego- please let it go.:)

p.s. Keep giving your suggestions and if you wish me to write about something specific. I would love to hear from you people.


28 thoughts on “EGO: Let it go”

  1. A three letter word EGO is just enough to ruin any relationship. So, moving a step ahead and acknowledging what actually suitation demands and make a move according to that unless expecting the same from others. There is a thin line between ego and self respect, we should know the difference. A great read and to the point πŸ’―

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