Why me?? 

When she got rejected for an interview,

When she failed an examination,

When nothing would be going the way she wanted..

She asked herself Why me?? When she started losing all her hope, when she didn’t get the desired results she would always ask herself WHY ME?? WHY AGAIN ME??

But in the process, she realised that everything happens for a reason. And instead of asking herself the same repeated question, which many of you might ask yourself when faced with a similar situation. She said Yes me!! didn’t get the desired results so I would work harder in future. Yes me will get the things I desire. Yes something good is in store for me… 

After all it’s all about the way you look at things.

p.s. Thank you for 1400+ likes and 350+ amazing followers. 🙂 


18 thoughts on “Why me?? ”

  1. Not everything that happens, happens for good. This is what we think for a moment when we come across such situations. But sooner or later we will see, we will see how everything falls at its place to bring out the final fruitful outcome.
    We suffer, only for greater cause. To achieve The best, we need to let go of good.
    Well-written. 🙂

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