Things to make your friendship last longer. 

Losing friends is an imperative part of growing up. It’s strange how the people we grew up with, ones who’ve been on our side during our best, suddenly become strangers. Not all friendships are meant to last forever, but some friends are for lifetime. Keep them close. Here arw some things you can do to keep you friendship last longer. 

  • Support them. They maybe taking some big decisions of their life, like you and your support could mean the world to them.
  • Don’t judge. Yes, you cannot agree with all the things they say or all the decisions they make. But don’t be judgemental. That’s the last thing they would want from you.
  • Spend time. Take out some time for your friend. Everyone is busy, but it is important to meet frequently and stay in touch and know what’s going on in each other’s lives. 
  • Don’t let misunderstandings build up. It would weaken the great bond that you have with your friend. You may not like confrontation always. But don’t let things pile up. If you have something in your mind, just talk it out and clear it. 
  • Be with them. In your good days and on bad days when nothing is going right with them or you. Face all the hurdles together. Be a support system for each other.
  • Don’t burden them with your personal problems. Yes, you may be having a bad time. But you should not always discuss it with them in each and every conversation that you have. Cause they might already be having their share of problems to deal with. 
  • Accept that friendship changes with time. As everything in life changes as we grow up or with the passage of time. So does our friendship. Our friend will not always be present for us. Sometimes we have to trust our friendships and be okay with them not giving us adequate time and accept their reasons for doing so.  

    Friends are the most important part of our lives. We should try to make our friendship last longer. As friends are the greatest blessings of all.


    49 thoughts on “Things to make your friendship last longer. ”

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      1. Hey
        kavita, I am doing good. Hope the same about you. 🙂
        And it’s something good you are working on that website. It’ll turn out to be something different I expect. Good luck for that.
        and i will mail you my writings for sure 🙂
        it would be good if you could tell me till when I can mail you ?

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        1. Thank you very much for your kind words 🙂
          And you can send me any time till next month 🙂
          Looking forward to your contribution.
          I miss wordpress and your writings too. Will just have a look on your blog. Must have missed many amazing posts 🙂

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    2. It’s damn painful to lose a friend….as you said may be due to of one of those points .. Still, a good friend will be there for you alwAys, even if distant apart, without an communication for long….

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    3. I am close to to tears reading your post. It reminded me on my friends from school time that live some thousand miles apart and I frequently miss quite a lot. We are not that close anymore because of the distance (don´t know why I am telling this right now). But probably you´re right that letting go is a part of growing up. Anyway very nice post with helpful advices. 🙂

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