Beginning of a new year..

And we are at the beginning of a new year, you must’ve made Many resoulutions for yourself in this or the previous year. Did you keep them? Did you change as you had thought? Life is constantly changing, earth is changing. 

One of the questions you can ask youself is how did you spend the last year? Were you happy or were you depressed? Were you stressed? Or you were relaxed and at peace with your exsistence? Happiness is transient, just like time itself. Living life to the moment is the best way to maintain sanity. The more moments you spend of happiness, the better quality of life you live.. 

So, what are you going to do in this year to keep yourself happy? Here are a few simple things you can try- love unconditionally, stop smoking & drinking alchohol, don’t let someone disrespect you, follow your heart, start excersing, eating nutritious food, get involved in activities where you can make some difference in people’s life. 

Everybody is human so you can change things for the better if you want to. Start by today, cause tommorow isn’t promised. There are so many things you can do to keep yourself and others affect positively because that’s how you find happiness.

p.s. I hope you people get rich in happiness, peace, joy, family, laughter, love, wealth and career in this year and years to come.

Keep giving your suggestions people. And tell me some of the answers to the questions mentioned above. Let’s stay connected. πŸ™‚



13 thoughts on “Beginning of a new year..”

  1. I had the worse year in my life in 2016. I am very confident that this year will be better. It is me, and only me, that can make a change. I been enjoying your blog, but I still have not figured out how I can follow the blogs I like so I have yours saved on a tab on my bookmarks. Bruce

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