“How do you trust people so easily?” She asked me. “Because if we don’t trust people our life will be full of insecurities.” I replied.

Trust.! How do you decide who you should trust and who you shouldn’t ? Is there some reasoning behind it? Or our heart gives us the consent and we start to trust some people in our life. It makes our living so much easier for us.

Did you ever thought how life would be if you doubted every person you had some contact with? Your milk man? Your house maid? Your accountant? Your boss? Your friends? Your family? Your other acquaintances? You would always doubt them, even if their intentions are not wrong. You will think twice before saying something infront of them. Your insecurites will build up.

You can take some time to trust people, don’t trust instantly if your heart doesn’t give you the consent. Just don’t let the insecurities build up. 


15 thoughts on “Trust.”

  1. I wish it was that easy! I trust some people, but the problem with me is that I’m so paranoid they’re breaking my trust….does that makes sense? I’m just such a paranoid person when it comes to other people, it’s so irritating

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