What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? Another Day? Another week? Another year? Are you wating for another chance? 

I recently realised something when having a conversation with my sister. I had a bad fight with a friend. We both never spoke to each other no matter how badly we wanted to. But the other day I had an accident she came up to me to ask for my well being. What were we waiting for? I asked myself. Some mishappening? Some special occasion to take a step to change our lives and get what we want? Why don’t we start with today?

Why don’t we start working for the project dated later on instead of procrastinating? Why don’t we take a step forward to fix those broken relationships? Why don’t we take some actions to meet our desired goals? We want to change our lives. We want things to get better. But we don’t want to take an action. Why? What are you waiting for? ?


18 thoughts on “What are you waiting for?”

  1. There is bviously something in that relationship worth salvaging but I would suggest before beginning that relationship dot do some reflecting: are you completely unattached to outcome of how that person will respond, have you completely forgiven, do you expect that person to have changed or to change, are you in a different place emotionally? Good luck and I hope you do make that call:)

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    1. I know you have to properly reflect back on the impact that would be there if you make the first call. But if there is a slight ray of hope in your heart you should definitely give it a chance. Maybe it will be for good even if not you will not regret. Atleast we will have it in mind that we took the first step. Afterall what are we waiting for?

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  2. Very true. But sometimes things are complicated. There is someone I badly miss & die to talk to and most importantly want to know how they are etc. But then they have done certain things in past for which you still haven’t forgiven them and you know they won’t change their behaviour. So instead of sending a Hi, you hit the backspace no matter how much you miss them. I was someone who would not give up on people you know but life taught me otherwise. That being said, it totally depends on relation you had or ended and how much you both want to work on that broken relation 🙂


    1. Yes. Sometimes it is like you are dying to make an effort but maybe the other person also wants to talk to you. But is thinking of all such things in mind and taking a step backward always. We should not think so much negative and always we should forgive and forget not because they deserve that but because we should have that big heart to forgive people and not hold the grudges against them in our hearts. Because it will simplify our lives always. 🙂
      and yes, thankyou for visiting my blog and sharing yourexperiences with me.


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