Strength :)

When I had lost all hope they showed me the ray of light. 

When I had no self confidence, they taught me that I am capable to do anything I think of. They made me realise my capabilities. 

When I had no friends, no person to talk to about my problems in life. They became my motivation. They helped me fight all the problems.

Many people came in my life, and left me broken into pieces. But they never let me feel alone. They made me even stronger than before.

They made me smile when I least wanted to do so.

They were always there, never judging but always understanding me.

They made sure I was comfortable and in a peaceful state of mind always. 

They made me who I am today.

They are my family members. My biggest strength in life.

P.s. I learned many things from them. They have always loved me and continue do so. Even now, when I feel low. I don’t feel like giving up because of them. We should all love and respect our family. Because in your days of blue, many people may leave you but they will stand by you as your biggest support system.

And I also have not been posting a lot lately. But I want to hear from you people. What are the topics I should write about? Give your suggestions always. 🙂


31 thoughts on “Strength :)”

      1. Are you asking about topics you can share with us…is that what you mean? If so…I’m just one person, but I am drawn to offerings that come from the heart and are intended to generate connection…whether someone is trying to feel less alone, more included, is trying to give more…or get more of what makes them feel connected to their life…I love all manner of ways of reaching out 🙂

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  1. Thanks for another great motivational post.
    Topics that came to my mind where how to deal with heart break/ separation/ distance/ lonelyness…probably because it are things that I am confronted at the moment.
    Another more positive one I would find great how to appreciate the little things in life and/ or the gifts of nature.

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