Build with her.

She’s putting in as much work as you do. Subtly reminding you to take care of yourself. How was your day? Get some sleep. You should eat better. Do you need help? I believe in you. Stay safe. 

When she’s constantly putting all the effort to build the relationship. When she runs her own life and recommends you to all her contacts. When she doesn’t let your insecurities grow but reminds you that they are only build in your mind. When she wants you to stop smoking and drinking as she wants you to have an old age for your children. When she teaches you cooking if you don’t know how to. When she wants you to build your future.

She wants to grow with you. She wants to be your best friend. She wants to love you irrespective of how messed up your past was but wants to fight all the problems in future together. She loves you despite of the bank balance in your account but because of the goodness in your nature and the beauty of your smile.  

Build with her. 

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