What makes you happy? 

 Have you ever asked yourself this question? 

For days, I was demotivated, confused, in a state of depression.  I would stay isolated, I talked very less and my daily activities were also decreasing as lethargy was seeping in. Something was always bothering me. 

One day, I decided to talk about it to a stranger as I had the feeling of being judged by my known ones. After listening to my story he asked me 1 single question “What makes you happy?”  I was clueless about the same at that moment. He told me to jot down 1 thing that made me happy every day. 

Initially it was difficult for me, but I realized a few things which did make me happy: Doodling, visiting new places, meeting new people, getting to eat sweets and My NGO work are a few that topped the list. 

After realizing this, I started to spend some time of the day doing these things and my state of mind improved. I am now at peace with myself. 

P.s. How often do you ponder about this question? What is it that gives you immense happiness people? I would love to know in the comments below. 🙂 


122 thoughts on “What makes you happy? ”

      1. Of course. I literally have to do creative things to stay happy. I write, I craft, I redecorate. I also go to the gym and work out. I find I miss it If I don’t. And chocolate! And going out with my friends. Sorry, got carried away! Lol

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  1. That stranger indeed shared some wisdom… there are lots of things which makes us happy, only thing is we consciously ignore them while running behind the worries..
    Well, the one thing which could make me happy or relaxed or comfortable is resting in the arms of of my love…😉

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  2. I think as a society we are taught to be less happy by ourselves. Like I had a tiff with my teacher back in school when I told her pride was a good quality … She was curious! But all I had to say was a certain sense of pride in our own abilities is needed.. but she would t see it, called my parents to school to talk it out, but got the same reply from them, and didn’t know is what to do with me 😉

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    1. Sometimes it becomes difficult for people to understand what we are trying to convey to them same was with the case of your teacher. And I think we should have a little pride as having too much of it would be considered as a bad quality.

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  3. I tend to think about this a lot because I’m self-absorbed. LOL. Reminding myself that 20 years ago I was too afraid to write is something I’m grateful to have gotten past. Getting out of the house and down to my sheep each day gives me tons of laughs, too. My children and I share the same sense of humor so chatting on the phone with them is always a treat. I share my life with a really good guy, but I have to be careful not to overlook the good side when my tendency is to find fault over dumb little things…

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    1. Ohh.. I even got to know you more adrienne. And you very well know what it takes to keep you happy. Keep doing that more often. And thankyou for stopping by as well. Just always focus on the good side of the things. 💛

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  4. Nice one!!!!!Reading splendid posts like this makes me and i get inspired .I find happiness in listening to music,talking with parents and friends ,keeping myself engaged,bloging.Literally not being idle!!!!!

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      1. I’m healthy ,my kids and husband are healthy .I have everything I need and even more.i live in a beautiful place.i m loved and I love,Thing that probably should go at the first point.😉

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      1. Well I have to blog and be on WP less and start writing, have a group, classes, editor, then someday publisher. Thanks for the encouragement! I was thinking maybe I could package my first 100 blogs into a book. Are you writing a book too? I thank you for following me!

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  5. 1.”Listening” to amazing music, with intense focus.
    2.Feeling a sense of improvement
    4.Playing the guitar in a band.
    6.Talking to strangers
    7.Public speaking
    8.Talking to foreigners in their language
    Thanks for reminding me
    I searched for “NGO” and your post came up on top.

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  6. to answer your question about how often do i ponder…i rarely think about what makes me happy as i am often experiencing it. 🙂 one should not always spend the time thinking about such things but doing them. 🙂

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  7. While this may be important to know what makes you happy, you can still be happy without knowing them.It is your attitude,positivity makes you happy. If you are positive about everything, it will always bring happiness to you.
    However what you say is also true because it makes you happy!
    HV agreat time !

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