EGO: Let it go

There were two best friends, who were always together. 24 hours of the day they would spend taking to each other.It was impossible to separate them even by their enemies who would be so jealous. 2 people, 1 heartbeat.

But one day, one of them stopped talking to another one. And kept waiting, wanting his friend to make some effort. Never did he realise his ego was even bigger. And the long time friendship of years came to an end because of their king sized ego.

We always wait, want the other ones to make some effort for us. Never realising the other one can expect the same from us? Why can’t we give up our  ego and talk to people about the problems which we have with them.  Many a times we sacrifice the relation but are not walling to Let go our ego.

Once again people, we won’t become smaller in size if we speak, ask questions, make the first effort, Leave the word ‘I’, listen more, acknowledge our mistakes, make some adjustments. Ego- please let it go.:)

p.s. Keep giving your suggestions and if you wish me to write about something specific. I would love to hear from you people.


Think before you speak.

Words, oh words, will break your soul..  I had read this somewhere and found it to be so apt now. People these days speak whatever comes in their mind, use the most abusive, vulgar language they can and don’t think of the effect it can have on the listener.

 People please it’s a humble request Think before you speak. Because your words have the power to break or make someone. Think how you would feel if someone treats you badly. Wont you be guilty of ruining someone’s day by your words.? Would you want someone to be demoralised because of you? Would you want someone already suffering to have an even worse condition?

So please people think before you speak. And spread the magic of your words among people.:)  

 p.s  did you encounter a similar situation like me where people used bad words for you? Also your reaction. Please share. Keep giving your reviews

Word with a smile.

I had gone to market with my mother today for shopping of grocery items when I realised that some jobs are so thankless. We don’t appreciate some people for what they do for us. Isntit?  I thanked the guard uncle for opening the gate for us while moving out and smiled. This made him smile also. 🙂  Just think how many times do we thank such people for their efforts? How many times we appreciate what is done for us by our family ? Very less often or never right?

I believe people should be appreciated. They should be thanked for the tasks they perform for us. If not we can atleast smile and express it through our gesture. Cause good words stay in the mind of people for a long time & have a positive impact on them. And smile is infectious you can catch it like a flu. Someone smiled at me today and I started smiling too 🙂

p.s. Spread smiles people. Leave an impact with your words in lives of others. Be thankful. Learn to appreciate. Acknowledge. 🙂  here goes a doodle sorry I was not able to draw from so long due to my hectic schedule.


“That’s the trouble with earth. Nobody talks anymore. And so we’ve all become a bunch of unopened love letters.” 

Communication. Has it not become less with the passing years? Be it with our family, friends or our loved ones? We live in an era where everyone is engrossed in his life. Some don’t talk because of their king sized ego. Some don’t because they are busy updating their statuses with what’s going on in their minds. Some communicate but that communication is not so proper it leads to confusion because there is a gap created. So many instances come to mind like I lost a good friend because ofthe big communication gap created between us, one time bffs turned absolute strangers to each other. Our parents come back home and sometimes they dont have time for us to sit and talk? We feel for someone but are unable to express? People living in the same house are living as strangers but fully active on the social media? 

ps. Friends I think we should all communicate with each other more often. As talking itself is a solution to many problems and would help us to simplify our lives in many ways.  We should just speak. Speak what we feel. Speak for ourselves. Speak. 🙂