Who will talk first?

His one line reply was enough to put her into a gloom of despair.

She didn’t ask anything further as his words seemed a final answer to her.

He waited for her to ask more. As she didn’t, he left.

She thought why had he chosen so.

He thought why she hadn’t cared enough to ask him for explanation ..

Ego and assumptions are powerful enough to ruin relationships. Keep an eye for heart to heart conversations.


The muted generation.

While traveling in a metro with him the other day I asked, “why do you always put your earphones on? So people won’t come and talk to you? ” To which he silently nodded and started listening to his favorite Playlist.

Even up to a decade earlier, our society was much more social. While travelling, people used to share life stories with random strangers or they made an effort to remember other people’s birthdays and special moments…Nowadays how many times do you actually call your closed ones?

There used to be a time when we would talk for hours on the telephone but that is a now a thing of past! We are connected more than ever, but the connection is going weaker over time.

Let’s change ourselves a little bit. Go out of our way and talk to that old friend who is now just a social media friend. Let’s take out time and visit those people also are not ‘online‘.

Let’s change before we become the muted generation !

Adult conversations.

I don’t understand why everybody is so much afraid of adult conversations.

You don’t like me? Tell me why. I want to better myself..

You don’t want to talk to me? At least don’t ignore me. Tell me the reason.

You are mad at me? Express your feelings.

Am I wrong somewhere? Let me know. Let me correct myself.

We don’t agree? Let’s talk it out. Let’s share our feelings.

It’s not that difficult to have such conversations. I believe. We should try no matter how hard things get. Share your viewpoints people.

P. S. Miscommunication is the greatest distance between two people. It is started by EGO and some of the best relationships get broken because of this.

Someone to listen.

While talking to a close one the other day I realized so many things were going wrong in his life. He was struggling each day to make a balance between his family and career. He was unable to spend proper time with his loved ones. So many things were frustrating him and all he wanted was Someone to listen to him. Someone to talk to without fear of being judged, someone to say some kindly words, someone to motivate him when he saw his efforts doom.

And I wondered that today there are so many people out there who just want someone to listen to them, someone to tell them its not a big deal, to say that its going to be okay. Aren’t we human beings many time choking with emotions ? Our almost solitary lifestyles (despite the many social media friends) leaves us short of company at the time of crisis. And then there is the fear of being judged or harming our carefully photo shopped picturesque lifestyle that we want to present to everyone.
I know these fears exist because sometimes I myself am doubtful – whether to share or not. In the end, I have realised that it is much better to open my heart, to involve some people in my ups & downs and give help to others just as readily.

P. S. Do share who are the people in your life who are always willing to listen to you?

EGO: Let it go

There were two best friends, who were always together. 24 hours of the day they would spend taking to each other.It was impossible to separate them even by their enemies who would be so jealous. 2 people, 1 heartbeat.

But one day, one of them stopped talking to another one. And kept waiting, wanting his friend to make some effort. Never did he realise his ego was even bigger. And the long time friendship of years came to an end because of their king sized ego.

We always wait, want the other ones to make some effort for us. Never realising the other one can expect the same from us? Why can’t we give up our  ego and talk to people about the problems which we have with them.  Many a times we sacrifice the relation but are not walling to Let go our ego.

Once again people, we won’t become smaller in size if we speak, ask questions, make the first effort, Leave the word ‘I’, listen more, acknowledge our mistakes, make some adjustments. Ego- please let it go.:)

p.s. Keep giving your suggestions and if you wish me to write about something specific. I would love to hear from you people.

Think before you speak.

Words, oh words, will break your soul..  I had read this somewhere and found it to be so apt now. People these days speak whatever comes in their mind, use the most abusive, vulgar language they can and don’t think of the effect it can have on the listener.

 People please it’s a humble request Think before you speak. Because your words have the power to break or make someone. Think how you would feel if someone treats you badly. Wont you be guilty of ruining someone’s day by your words.? Would you want someone to be demoralised because of you? Would you want someone already suffering to have an even worse condition?

So please people think before you speak. And spread the magic of your words among people.:)  

 p.s  did you encounter a similar situation like me where people used bad words for you? Also your reaction. Please share. Keep giving your reviews

Word with a smile.

I had gone to market with my mother today for shopping of grocery items when I realised that some jobs are so thankless. We don’t appreciate some people for what they do for us. Isntit?  I thanked the guard uncle for opening the gate for us while moving out and smiled. This made him smile also. 🙂  Just think how many times do we thank such people for their efforts? How many times we appreciate what is done for us by our family ? Very less often or never right?

I believe people should be appreciated. They should be thanked for the tasks they perform for us. If not we can atleast smile and express it through our gesture. Cause good words stay in the mind of people for a long time & have a positive impact on them. And smile is infectious you can catch it like a flu. Someone smiled at me today and I started smiling too 🙂

p.s. Spread smiles people. Leave an impact with your words in lives of others. Be thankful. Learn to appreciate. Acknowledge. 🙂  here goes a doodle sorry I was not able to draw from so long due to my hectic schedule.