Inner happiness :)

I had read somewhere that a man’s biggest success is inner happiness. And I found it be so true. No matter where you are in life, at what position, with how much wealth, your inner happiness is the most important otherwise all such things are not worth it.

So we all want to be happy always I guess? And how can this be done when there are so many negative factors working against it? There maybe a dozen methods you must’ve read to achieve that state of happiness, but I personally believe you have to create it. No matter how much adverse the condition becomes or you are filled with negative vibes around you. You have to keep calm, maintain your happiness, ’cause all other things are temporary.  You have to do whatever it takes to keep yourself happy. You have to be happy from inside. And even in the bad days, tell yourself that this too shall pass 🙂 

p.s. Keep smiling people. And give your reviews also.Would you like me to write about something? Or doodle on something? Waiting to hear from you. 


Money can’t buy happiness.

Yes. Almost half of you would disagree with my statement ‘Money can’t buy happiness. But I truly believe that materialistic things can give you fleeting happiness but it doesn’t have the power to keep you happy for long. We all get excited when we buy a new dress or the latest android phone we desired to have for long. Isn’tit? But You know what the irony is? The things which make us happy deep inside our heart and for a LonG time are actually free 😀  Like The crazy time spent with our bff’s, care from our family, love of our special someone, long sleep on a sunday morning, good memories we have had till date. Can anyone of these be bought from money?

p.s. Tell me people do you agree or disagree with my point of view? And if you do agree with me. Tell me something which makes you happy which money can’t buy 🙂