Why is it so difficult for men?

Men are caring..

Then why is it so difficult for them to make some gestures and show their love and concern?

P. S. These little things mean a lot in life..


Don’t kill yourself trying not to feel..

Now we are so scared of feelings, we make fun of having feelings. I think sometimes we’re ridiculous but what is the point of life without feelings?

You opened your heart to them and they broke it, you were hurt for a very long time but now have trouble trusting people. I believe that it’s okay to rebuild we have to break what we already are.. We have to make sure that we protect our energy.

But don’t stop feeling because your last relationship made you loose your trust in humanity. Don’t blame your ex, ask yourself at that time you didn’t trust your intuition and it was exactly what you wanted. But don’t forget your worth and that you deserve to be loved.

And you need to love, have feelings for people. Because love is life itself. Don’t fool yourself by saying you don’t have feelings for a person just because you’re too scared you might hurt yourself again.

Stop it.!! Love is life itself.

Don’t kill yourself trying not to feel because of your ego..

Express your love.

It’s easy to take your feelings for granted and to assume that people we care about know how we feel about them. But those we love are quite cognizant of our feelings.

Saying ‘I love you‘ is a gift we should often give our loved ones. Letting people know you love them is an important part of nurturing relationships. Few people tire of hearing such emotions and it can bring a great difference to someone’s life and take your relationship to the next level with that person.

People who find it difficult to express their love verbally should not be afraid of expressing their feelings quite often. It is really important at times to share your feelings with your loved ones and to make them know where they stand in your life and how you feel about them.

P.s. This valentine’s day, don’t assume, just express your feelings to your loved ones and make them feel special.

The magic of LOVE. 

Ever faced rejection while asking your parents for something? Happens? So what do you do? You still don’t give up right? You beg, you plead, you through all your emotional tantrums would  try to get the thing or work done. 

Love mostly comes to us somewhat like that. Where we want it on any condition.  ‘Do or die:but get it.’ it’s our situation. 

We do every possible thing to get love only to realise we are wrong.  Because if it is meant to happen, it will and so on the other way around if it’s not meant to be it won’t happen. 

And in this process,  we slowly loose the little kid inside us. We become afraid. Shattered, lost and mutilated  we promise ourselves that we’ll never fall into this trap again. 

Little that we know it will all  come back, but in a beautiful and larger than life state.

Never let someone demean you, treat you bad or even hurt you a little, because if these things persist. It’s surely not love. 

Cause love is something that leads you to happiness and growth. It is something that makes you feel  beautiful about yourself and of how lucky you are..

Believe in the magic of love.  ❤️

P. S. Hello my blogger family, let’s start this new year with a fresh feeling and let’s love more.  Do tell me what are your plans for this year? And what you think of love? 

How to build a healthy relationship.

After hearing a lot lately about breakups, divorces, unhealthy fights and bitter arguments between couples. I thought of writing some of my own drawn conclusions on how to keep your relationship healthy with your partner.

1. Spend alot of time. When you are in a relationship, it becomes very important to spend alot of time together. No matter how busy your schedule is and irrespective of the other aspects you should take out some time for your partner in a  day. If possible visit places, travel together.

2. Build understanding. It is important. You should talk to your partner about various matters in your life. You both should try to sit back, and understand each other’s perspective and if there comes a difference of opinion you should peacefully try to resolve it.

3. Confession of feelings. Some may disagree, but I beleive no matter which relation we talk of to keep it alive, we should make little gestures for the person once in a while, and confess our feelings.

4.  Give space. In every relation we need our space. Right? We don’t want someone to be questioning us about each and everything. We want our space also. To do certain things the way we like. So why not when we are in a relation?  Think about it!!

5. Be happy and secure. If you yourself are not happy and secure, how do you expect to keep your partner happy in a relation? So, try to keep yourself happy.

6. Adjustment. Something, which is required at every phase of our lives. We need to learn to make certain adjustments when we are in a relation to keep it going smoothly. Cause, if we don’t agree to adjust in certain situations our relation is bound to get weak with time.

7. Trust. You should trust your partner’s decisions, and actions taken for himself and for you as well. Trust is very important in a relationship, once it’s lost. It becomes difficult for a relationship to survive.

There are many things which build a strong relation. Some i mentioned, some you people might have learnt with your own personal experience.

Something we people of this generation have completely forgotten..

Whenver a problem arises in a relation, we should not break the relation and leave our partner. Instead, we should try to solve the problem and make the relationship even more stronger.

Can love be measured?

Count all the grains of sand in the world,  and add the number of stars in the sky, multiply by number of seconds you’ve lived,  add the number of people in the world, subtract the days i dontthink of you which equals to zero And you would get a fraction of HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU..!!

p.s.  While making this doodle this afternoon one question kept coming in my mind can love be measured??  By their actions, words or any way. What Is your opinion people?

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