When you are feeling negative or sad..

It’s funny because I woke up this morning feeling extremely sad about a couple of things. Work, personal life, almost everything actually..

And I hadn’t written to you guys in a while so let’s do this exercise together..

If you are low, if you are doubting yourself, if you aren’t happy about your work or are upset with someone in your personal life. It’s so important to shift your energy when you’re vibrating at such low frequencies and want good things to happen to you.

We all have sad days where we can’t even pin point the exact reason for our sadness, on the other days however we can pin point someone or something for spoiling our energy.

I woke up today and I was feeling all of these negative things. I was not happy with my work. I wasn’t feeling happy on the personal front either.

And i had two choices : I could either just sit and crib the whole day or just shift my energy. And the best way to do that is by focusing on good things.

Make a list of all the things you love about your work/personal life and say it out loud, how grateful you are about these things. Once you’ve made the list say thank you, thank you out loud AND FEEL IT.

Let’s do this together..


The muted generation.

While traveling in a metro with him the other day I asked, “why do you always put your earphones on? So people won’t come and talk to you? ” To which he silently nodded and started listening to his favorite Playlist.

Even up to a decade earlier, our society was much more social. While travelling, people used to share life stories with random strangers or they made an effort to remember other people’s birthdays and special moments…Nowadays how many times do you actually call your closed ones?

There used to be a time when we would talk for hours on the telephone but that is a now a thing of past! We are connected more than ever, but the connection is going weaker over time.

Let’s change ourselves a little bit. Go out of our way and talk to that old friend who is now just a social media friend. Let’s take out time and visit those people also are not ‘online‘.

Let’s change before we become the muted generation !

Don’t kill yourself trying not to feel..

Now we are so scared of feelings, we make fun of having feelings. I think sometimes we’re ridiculous but what is the point of life without feelings?

You opened your heart to them and they broke it, you were hurt for a very long time but now have trouble trusting people. I believe that it’s okay to rebuild we have to break what we already are.. We have to make sure that we protect our energy.

But don’t stop feeling because your last relationship made you loose your trust in humanity. Don’t blame your ex, ask yourself at that time you didn’t trust your intuition and it was exactly what you wanted. But don’t forget your worth and that you deserve to be loved.

And you need to love, have feelings for people. Because love is life itself. Don’t fool yourself by saying you don’t have feelings for a person just because you’re too scared you might hurt yourself again.

Stop it.!! Love is life itself.

Don’t kill yourself trying not to feel because of your ego..

Adult conversations.

I don’t understand why everybody is so much afraid of adult conversations.

You don’t like me? Tell me why. I want to better myself..

You don’t want to talk to me? At least don’t ignore me. Tell me the reason.

You are mad at me? Express your feelings.

Am I wrong somewhere? Let me know. Let me correct myself.

We don’t agree? Let’s talk it out. Let’s share our feelings.

It’s not that difficult to have such conversations. I believe. We should try no matter how hard things get. Share your viewpoints people.

P. S. Miscommunication is the greatest distance between two people. It is started by EGO and some of the best relationships get broken because of this.

Someone to listen.

While talking to a close one the other day I realized so many things were going wrong in his life. He was struggling each day to make a balance between his family and career. He was unable to spend proper time with his loved ones. So many things were frustrating him and all he wanted was Someone to listen to him. Someone to talk to without fear of being judged, someone to say some kindly words, someone to motivate him when he saw his efforts doom.

And I wondered that today there are so many people out there who just want someone to listen to them, someone to tell them its not a big deal, to say that its going to be okay. Aren’t we human beings many time choking with emotions ? Our almost solitary lifestyles (despite the many social media friends) leaves us short of company at the time of crisis. And then there is the fear of being judged or harming our carefully photo shopped picturesque lifestyle that we want to present to everyone.
I know these fears exist because sometimes I myself am doubtful – whether to share or not. In the end, I have realised that it is much better to open my heart, to involve some people in my ups & downs and give help to others just as readily.

P. S. Do share who are the people in your life who are always willing to listen to you?

You are awareness of your thoughts. 

You’re talking to yourself everyday even when you are reading to what i think, you’re having a conversation in your mind. Your perception is everything.  Your universe started in your mother’s body, now it continues in your brain. 

Remember this, you are not yout thoughts,  You are awareness of your thoughts.  How you react to what you think determines your future. You can’t live a positive life having negative reaction to your thoughts. 

What others think of you is their problem or blessing not yours. You need not be concerned about how people perceive you. It says more about them then you. 

You are your best friend or your worst enemy. If you’re telling yourself you’re bad, you are ugly or you can’t do the specific work. Your mind will reinforce this within your body at a cellular level. 

When you tell yourself you can’t you destroy your confidence.  Just tell yourself, I can do it, I will do it, and fight the monster in your life. Learn to love yourself first. Learn to be your best friend and protect your energy to fight your demon.  

You can do it, you will do it.  You are special. You are loved. You are worth it all. Just believe in yourself. I do, your friends do, your family and your loved ones just want to see you happy and succeed. 

P. S. Thankyou for 600 followers. 💜

What makes you happy? 

 Have you ever asked yourself this question? 

For days, I was demotivated, confused, in a state of depression.  I would stay isolated, I talked very less and my daily activities were also decreasing as lethargy was seeping in. Something was always bothering me. 

One day, I decided to talk about it to a stranger as I had the feeling of being judged by my known ones. After listening to my story he asked me 1 single question “What makes you happy?”  I was clueless about the same at that moment. He told me to jot down 1 thing that made me happy every day. 

Initially it was difficult for me, but I realized a few things which did make me happy: Doodling, visiting new places, meeting new people, getting to eat sweets and My NGO work are a few that topped the list. 

After realizing this, I started to spend some time of the day doing these things and my state of mind improved. I am now at peace with myself. 

P.s. How often do you ponder about this question? What is it that gives you immense happiness people? I would love to know in the comments below. 🙂