You are awareness of your thoughts. 

You’re talking to yourself everyday even when you are reading to what i think, you’re having a conversation in your mind. Your perception is everything.  Your universe started in your mother’s body, now it continues in your brain. 

Remember this, you are not yout thoughts,  You are awareness of your thoughts.  How you react to what you think determines your future. You can’t live a positive life having negative reaction to your thoughts. 

What others think of you is their problem or blessing not yours. You need not be concerned about how people perceive you. It says more about them then you. 

You are your best friend or your worst enemy. If you’re telling yourself you’re bad, you are ugly or you can’t do the specific work. Your mind will reinforce this within your body at a cellular level. 

When you tell yourself you can’t you destroy your confidence.  Just tell yourself, I can do it, I will do it, and fight the monster in your life. Learn to love yourself first. Learn to be your best friend and protect your energy to fight your demon.  

You can do it, you will do it.  You are special. You are loved. You are worth it all. Just believe in yourself. I do, your friends do, your family and your loved ones just want to see you happy and succeed. 

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What makes you happy? 

 Have you ever asked yourself this question? 

For days, I was demotivated, confused, in a state of depression.  I would stay isolated, I talked very less and my daily activities were also decreasing as lethargy was seeping in. Something was always bothering me. 

One day, I decided to talk about it to a stranger as I had the feeling of being judged by my known ones. After listening to my story he asked me 1 single question “What makes you happy?”  I was clueless about the same at that moment. He told me to jot down 1 thing that made me happy every day. 

Initially it was difficult for me, but I realized a few things which did make me happy: Doodling, visiting new places, meeting new people, getting to eat sweets and My NGO work are a few that topped the list. 

After realizing this, I started to spend some time of the day doing these things and my state of mind improved. I am now at peace with myself. 

P.s. How often do you ponder about this question? What is it that gives you immense happiness people? I would love to know in the comments below. 🙂 

Spread Happiness :) 

When we make others happy how happy we become, it’s a vicious circle
If you don’t get happiness and you stop giving it to others. How will you get happiness? It means what you’ve not got, start giving it to others, it will come back to you. 

If you are generous and large hearted then nature will be generous with you. Your generosity and kindness never goes waste. It goes on circulating. We should always keep going..

We should rise above the thinking of ‘mine and thine’  and should act without any discrimination. 

It takes time to get unaffected by small petty things and to not stoop down to others people’s level and react.  But once we achieve it, we start becoming more happy and peaceful. 

P.s. Keep spreading happiness people. And do give me your valuable suggestions always. 🙂 

Have a good heart.

If you’re kind, if you’re honest, if you’re soft spoken, if you believe in the goodness of people. Don’t change. The world needs more people like you.

Just because somebody hurt you, abused you, broke your trust or did wrong to you in any manner. Doesn’t mean you need to be like that person. His actions define him and your actions will define you. He will get the result of his bad karma. You should never do to him what he did to you. You should do good karma. And you will get fruitful results in life.

You should have a good heart in a world that tells you that coldness is the answer. You should not change. 

There is hope always.:)

Get up, and try your best, that’s all you can do… Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s not possible.
Just because people say it can’t be done, doesn’t mean you can’t do it. 

Just because your relationship isn’t great right now, doesn’t mean you can’t work and make it better.

 Just because your grandfather is sick right now, doesn’t mean he won’t get better. 

Just because you are alone right now, doesn’t mean you won’t make new friends and meet new people.

Just because you are having a tough time right now, doesn’t mean you won’t have a good future ahead.

Just because you  didn’t do your best, doesn’t mean you can’t try harder and make things work for yourself and improve.

Just because you made a mistake, doesn’t mean you can’t improve in the future and learn from it.

Just because you are having a bad day, doesn’t mean you have a bad life.

Just think deeply for a moment, you have a house, health, family, friends who love you. You can work on your happiness as you work on other things.

Just because it seems like there is no hope, remember as long there is life, there is hope always. 🙂

Stop overthinking brain.!!

It’s been months, something is stuck on my mind. No matter what time of the day it is, or what activity i’m engrossed in. It doesn’t leave me and my brain is thinking it all over, once again. And I found that I started overthinkng about everything. No matter what the situation is I think, rethink, think once again and still i am not sure if the decision I have taken is right or wrong.

Overthinking each and every thing would make me feel demotivated, I started doubting myself, lost hope, i wont get the desired results. Nothing was actually working nicely or the way I wanted and it started having a bad effect on me and my health.

One day, while talking to one of my friends on phone. I was giving her the same advice when she was stuck somewhere ” DON’T THINK TOO MUCH. Your decision is right. Don’t take stress. Trust yourself. Just distract your mind. Have faith.  ” 

And i realised this is what i was supposed to do myself. I paused, STOP OVERTHINKING BRAIN i said. And smiled. 

No negative vibes PLZ.! 

So to start with, i have had a bad time lately. In the last few months, people’ve accused me of something wrong, used bad words, people made me feel wrong about the way I am or the way i think, the decisions i take, about my beliefs and what not. There were so many negative vibes around me. An aura which made me feel so negative. Like Wait. How would you feel if somebody would make you feel this Way? Your life would be full of all that negative energy, you’d always be sad, lost, not able to concentrate properly, get the desired results, have all the sleepless nights and it would take a toll on your health..

After going through all these situations, I realised something. If I am filled with so much negative enegies, always thinking about the wrong that could happen or being all this sad, lost and lonely how does it bother anybody but me? It would affect my mental health only. So why should I be so negative always rather then focusing on the positive aspect of life.?

So slowly, I learned some ways to become a positive soul~

See the good in everything, stay with people who believe in you and your beliefs and make you feel good about yourself, read good books, listen to nice music that calms you, spend time with nature, write down  all the negative things and flush it out, and relax everything will work out,  just smile and tell yourself NO NEGATIVE VIBES PLZ! 😉