Strength :)

When I had lost all hope they showed me the ray of light. 

When I had no self confidence, they taught me that I am capable to do anything I think of. They made me realise my capabilities. 

When I had no friends, no person to talk to about my problems in life. They became my motivation. They helped me fight all the problems.

Many people came in my life, and left me broken into pieces. But they never let me feel alone. They made me even stronger than before.

They made me smile when I least wanted to do so.

They were always there, never judging but always understanding me.

They made sure I was comfortable and in a peaceful state of mind always. 

They made me who I am today.

They are my family members. My biggest strength in life.

P.s. I learned many things from them. They have always loved me and continue do so. Even now, when I feel low. I don’t feel like giving up because of them. We should all love and respect our family. Because in your days of blue, many people may leave you but they will stand by you as your biggest support system.

And I also have not been posting a lot lately. But I want to hear from you people. What are the topics I should write about? Give your suggestions always. 🙂


Do you wish to be a mind reader?

Daily, something or the other happens which makes me so confused. I can’t assume things on my own. If not told otherwise. How do people expect others to understand their mood swings or the things going on in their mind?? Like isn’t it frustrating sometimes people don’t speak what they want from us or how they expect us to behave with them if they are not in the right frame of mind. And later, it becomes an issue, as they assumed we would understand things on our own?

And then I always wish how easy life would be if I could read the minds of people, how they think, how I would come to know easily what people expect out of me and how I should react. I so wish..

But lately, i also found some ways how to avoid such situations with people. We should just be more observant, speak less and analyse how people react under different situations.

So let me ask you people, Do you wish to be a mind reader?? 

Little things

“…..and yet you say life is beautiful”? My sister asked me. 

“Well. YES It is. Isn’t it beautiful to know that tommorow is a new day, a new adventure, a chance to change our lives, a new quest that awaits you?  Isn’t it beautiful to find happiness in the most simplest of things like getting the last piece of cake, finising our favourite novel, enjoying heavy rainfall with a cup of coffee, seeing the old couple loving each other and cute smile on the  new born’s face?  Life is all about cherishing these little moments. They help to forget the things which keep bothering you. You just have to stop and acknowledge the little wonders and soon you’ll notice that life is a beautiful journey.”  I replied. 

Life after death?

Whenever I hear about someone’s death. The first thing that comes in my mind is what happens after we die? Is there a life after death? Are the stories true which  we have heard since our childhood that good people go to heaven and bad or the evil ones go to hell?  I mean what is hell and heaven? Is there any truth in such stories.

p.s. I want to know each and every one’s opinions. What exactly happens? Hell or heaven? Or we get a new birth? What? 

Inspiration :) 

Everybody is inspired by somebody at some point of time in his life. We wish to be like that,  true isn’t it? Maybe someone fictional or a real persona.

 Well same is my case. I am hugely inspired by him. He is someone who works hard day and night to fulfill all my wishes . He is like the best friend I’ve had since childhood. Someone who understands me better than anybody i believe. Someone who is always eager to learn new things and is full of experience. Someone who doesn’t shy away in accepting his mistakes if being wrong. Someone who would teach us new lessons daily and would make us value our relations even more.  And, I feel so proud to be his daughter. You are my inspiration and I wish be to like you someday. Happy birthday to you :*

p.s.  A special day. A special dedicated post. But I want to know, who is your inspiration people? Mom? Dad? Any celebrity? Someone? And why? Waiting to hear from you. Keep giving your reviews. 🙂


Procrastinator? NO. I just love postponing things to the last deadline and then rushing like an IDIOT to complete the task. 😀 

I am sitting all relaxed right now, though I have a bunch of projects to complete.  So what? They can be completed on the last day also na I told my mom lazily so that I can get to sleep some more. You know Lately I’ve reliased one more thing, many of you may find it funny though, that when you rush up with your work on the last day you actually do a great job and it turns out to be better then what you could have been doing all along :p

p.s. Friends I am suffering with ‘chronic procrastinitis’. If any of you also suffer from the same situation. Feel free to share your experiences with me. Waiting to hear from you all.:) And here goes a doodle on the same hope you like it. 

Mystery of Secrets. :D

Long time back, I once shared a secret with my bff. I had almost forgotten it after telling her that and had faith that it would always remain between us only.

But, to my surprise, Recently I got to hear the same story by somebody who claimed her bff had told her about it. And here I was sittting chilled out that the ‘secret’ wont ever be revealed.

Doesnt it sound a bit funny? I told to my bff. She told to one of her bestie. She again must have passed it on to her bff. And the chain goes on till the entire town knows about the mystery of secrets 😀 

P.s. That day I learned a good lesson ‘Never give your secret to anyone. Because if you can’t keep it to yourself Don’t expect others to. 

thanks alot everyone for your support. Keep giving your reviews. 🙂