Build with her.

She’s putting in as much work as you do. Subtly reminding you to take care of yourself. How was your day? Get some sleep. You should eat better. Do you need help? I believe in you. Stay safe. 

When she’s constantly putting all the effort to build the relationship. When she runs her own life and recommends you to all her contacts. When she doesn’t let your insecurities grow but reminds you that they are only build in your mind. When she wants you to stop smoking and drinking as she wants you to have an old age for your children. When she teaches you cooking if you don’t know how to. When she wants you to build your future.

She wants to grow with you. She wants to be your best friend. She wants to love you irrespective of how messed up your past was but wants to fight all the problems in future together. She loves you despite of the bank balance in your account but because of the goodness in your nature and the beauty of your smile.  

Build with her. 

p.s. I could not write for so long due to some reasons. Please share the link of your posts and also give me some suggestions as to what topics I should come up with. 


Strength :)

When I had lost all hope they showed me the ray of light. 

When I had no self confidence, they taught me that I am capable to do anything I think of. They made me realise my capabilities. 

When I had no friends, no person to talk to about my problems in life. They became my motivation. They helped me fight all the problems.

Many people came in my life, and left me broken into pieces. But they never let me feel alone. They made me even stronger than before.

They made me smile when I least wanted to do so.

They were always there, never judging but always understanding me.

They made sure I was comfortable and in a peaceful state of mind always. 

They made me who I am today.

They are my family members. My biggest strength in life.

P.s. I learned many things from them. They have always loved me and continue do so. Even now, when I feel low. I don’t feel like giving up because of them. We should all love and respect our family. Because in your days of blue, many people may leave you but they will stand by you as your biggest support system.

And I also have not been posting a lot lately. But I want to hear from you people. What are the topics I should write about? Give your suggestions always. ūüôā

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? Another Day? Another week? Another year? Are you wating for another chance? 

I recently realised something when having a conversation with my sister. I had a bad fight with a friend. We both never spoke to each other no matter how badly we wanted to. But the other day I had an accident she came up to me to ask for my well being. What were we waiting for? I asked myself. Some mishappening? Some special occasion to take a step to change our lives and get what we want? Why don’t we start with today?

Why don’t we start working for the project dated later on instead of procrastinating? Why don’t we take a step forward to fix those broken relationships? Why don’t we take some actions to meet our desired goals? We want to change our lives. We want things to get better. But we don’t want to take an action. Why? What are you waiting for? ?


“How do you trust people so easily?” She asked me. “Because if we don’t trust people our life will be full of insecurities.” I replied.

Trust.! How do you decide who you should trust and who you shouldn’t ? Is there some reasoning behind it? Or our heart gives us the consent and we start to trust some people in our life. It makes our living so much easier for us.

Did you ever thought how life would be if you doubted every person you had some contact with? Your milk man? Your house maid? Your accountant? Your boss? Your friends? Your family? Your other acquaintances? You would always doubt them, even if their intentions are not wrong. You will think twice before saying something infront of them. Your insecurites will build up.

You can take some time to trust people, don’t trust instantly if your heart doesn’t give you the consent. Just don’t let the insecurities build up. 

Humans & Humanity 

“We can’t help everyone. But everyone can help someone.”

On my way to college today, I met with an accident. Luckily, me and my friend got saved with no injuries. Our car got hit by a truck and we were very scared and started shivering. But to our good luck, there was a person who calmed us, stayed with us for almost an hour till our parents came and also helped us alot by giving us the confidence that we need not be afraid as we were not wrong and should call the police for help.

And in this time, somebody stopped and helped us despite of his engagements when most of the passer by were just giving us suspicious looks and not willing to stop or lend a helping out of humanity. It was surprising and so kind hearted of him to help us.

A question came in mind, how often do we help the needy? What are you doing for others? What did you today? When was the last time? 

Share your views people and don’t forget to thank such kind people who help you when you are in need. Or help the people who need you. 

Birds #1

So, I always loved clicking pictures, be it selfies, of nature, wildlife, anything. And to my good luck, I got a chance to click a few after a very long time. 

People have always appreciated what all I have written and drawn. I hope this new expansion to my blog would get the same appreciation from all. 

p.s. Please do share your views regarding this new category of posts which I am going to introduce in my blog. I am waiting for your response. ūüôā