Today in the morning, my father asked me ‘what are your plans for future?’ And for a second I was speechless. As I am still so confused what field to chose and what I would be best in. Arent we all running in the cat race day & night to secure a good desirable life ahead of us?

Well for me, I have my mind set how I want my future life to be like-1. To have a good job (something that’s also my passion)                                           2. To have a loving family.                         3. To enjoy each day that I’m alive.         4. To make a difference in someone’s life someday. 🙂

Tell me about your dreams and plans for the future people? Something you would want to do? Something different?

p.s. Thankyou everyone for the support for my last post. Hope you like this one as well. Waiting for your reviews 🙂



Hey..!!  Well yes, My first post and I am talking about the so called confusions in my life. To start with, I was apprehensive as to who would be interested in knowing my thoughts and opinions on things. But after some thought I decided to give it a kick start.

To be frank, I seriously dont know what is going on in my life. I want something desperately and I would get the exact opposite thing in return.

I remember a song which fits my life accurately at this point

Bas confusion hi confusion hai. Solution kuch pata nai..                          Soultion jo mila toh question ka pata nai (unknown)

p.s. I love doodling. I like to express myself with them. So a doodle with a regular post is a promise 🙂

till then goodbye. Do give your reviews.