Count your blessings. :)

I saw a bad dream this afternoon of loosing my vision forever. And it seemed so real to me, I started shivering and the minute I opened my eyes, and came back to my senses, I thanked God for all he has blessed me with.

And I wondered truly we people are so blessed, we should be thankful to God for all that we have. Yet we always want more, and have a carping spirit. 

People we should count our blessing and name them one by one 🙂 And make a promise to ourselves No matter how hard life becomes, we would go to bed greatful for all that we have. 


Thankyou :)

Woke up with the notification of getting 100+ followers. What an amazing start of the day. 

A big thankyou to all my followers for their love and support and constant appreciation for my writings and doodles. It means alot 🙂

Word with a smile.

I had gone to market with my mother today for shopping of grocery items when I realised that some jobs are so thankless. We don’t appreciate some people for what they do for us. Isntit?  I thanked the guard uncle for opening the gate for us while moving out and smiled. This made him smile also. 🙂  Just think how many times do we thank such people for their efforts? How many times we appreciate what is done for us by our family ? Very less often or never right?

I believe people should be appreciated. They should be thanked for the tasks they perform for us. If not we can atleast smile and express it through our gesture. Cause good words stay in the mind of people for a long time & have a positive impact on them. And smile is infectious you can catch it like a flu. Someone smiled at me today and I started smiling too 🙂

p.s. Spread smiles people. Leave an impact with your words in lives of others. Be thankful. Learn to appreciate. Acknowledge. 🙂  here goes a doodle sorry I was not able to draw from so long due to my hectic schedule.

Inspiration :) 

Everybody is inspired by somebody at some point of time in his life. We wish to be like that,  true isn’t it? Maybe someone fictional or a real persona.

 Well same is my case. I am hugely inspired by him. He is someone who works hard day and night to fulfill all my wishes . He is like the best friend I’ve had since childhood. Someone who understands me better than anybody i believe. Someone who is always eager to learn new things and is full of experience. Someone who doesn’t shy away in accepting his mistakes if being wrong. Someone who would teach us new lessons daily and would make us value our relations even more.  And, I feel so proud to be his daughter. You are my inspiration and I wish be to like you someday. Happy birthday to you :*

p.s.  A special day. A special dedicated post. But I want to know, who is your inspiration people? Mom? Dad? Any celebrity? Someone? And why? Waiting to hear from you. Keep giving your reviews. 🙂

Your life is right now.

Your life is right now ! It’s not later. It’s not in at the time of retirement. Its not when your lover comes here. It’s not when you find the perfect job. It’s not when you secure good grades. It’s not when you move into your dream house. It’s not later. It’s right now.The way you are responding to your life right now decides what’s to come in future for you. 

p.s. Keep telling these few words to yourself people. And trust me in life everything will be alright 🙂

Good & Bad. :)

Let’s start with today’s incident : I had a bitter argument with one of my close friend.  I couldn’t say a word back to her and was almost in tears when driving back for my NGO work. I was upset and thinking of all the nonsense shit and had almost started blaming my life for going in the wrong direction, nothing good is happening with me blah blah …But after finishing my work, we decided to bid farewell to one of our friends and hangout for sometime in a cafeteria. A thought came in my mind. When I was going back after all the cries, smiles and a few goodbyes. 

Life keeps surprising us always. Whenever we fall, or have a breakdown, or are just simply upset or blaming our lives because of something stupid. It gives us many more reasons to smile, rejuvenate and thank God as after something bad we are always blessed with something good in our lives. We just have to be patient enough to notice that and be happy about it than sob about the negative things 🙂


“That’s the trouble with earth. Nobody talks anymore. And so we’ve all become a bunch of unopened love letters.” 

Communication. Has it not become less with the passing years? Be it with our family, friends or our loved ones? We live in an era where everyone is engrossed in his life. Some don’t talk because of their king sized ego. Some don’t because they are busy updating their statuses with what’s going on in their minds. Some communicate but that communication is not so proper it leads to confusion because there is a gap created. So many instances come to mind like I lost a good friend because ofthe big communication gap created between us, one time bffs turned absolute strangers to each other. Our parents come back home and sometimes they dont have time for us to sit and talk? We feel for someone but are unable to express? People living in the same house are living as strangers but fully active on the social media? 

ps. Friends I think we should all communicate with each other more often. As talking itself is a solution to many problems and would help us to simplify our lives in many ways.  We should just speak. Speak what we feel. Speak for ourselves. Speak. 🙂