Being different. :)

You are different. It doesn’t mean you should live in seclusion. You should meet new people, make friends and have a big circle. But you should not give up your individuality. You should not change for people. You should remain the way you are, many would disagree or would be unhappy with you but you should have patience and wait till you find the right ones who love the real you. 🙂

Peer pressure is one such reason because of which people take actions under the influence of others. Sometimes just to showoff in front of them. We should let go of this pressure. And should not be afraid in being different from others. We should maintain our indentity and be proud in who we are.

p.s. Let’s dare to be different people and feel proud in the way we are and promise ourselves not to change for the sake of others. Thankyou for your support my lovely followers. It means a lot. Keep giving your reviews. 🙂


Uncertainity of life.

Sitting on the terrace, looking up in the sky at the twinkling stars, I am thinking about an incident. Some two or three months back,  I had gone to visit my cousin grandfather. He was seriously unwell and had a chronic disease. His condition was really very painful and you could even not look at him in his eyes. But even in his last stage, he was full of life, smiling, concerned about us, questioning, doing everything he could by himself. With a heavy heart we left his house. Two days later, we got the sad news. 😦

And now, When I think about him only one thing comes in my mind. Life is so uncertain. Anything can happen the next second. Isntit? So shouldnt we live while we are actually alive? Do whatever we want to without giving it a second thought. Because who knows when would be taking our last breath on this planet? 

p.s. Friends let us all just give up our negative feelings. And start living each day like it’s our last one. Live fully. And not to regret anything. Say what you want to. Confess your feelings. Your love towards people.  Travel. Explore. Read. Learn. Enjoy. And smile more often. Be thankful for each day you’re alive on this planet. There are many who may be taking their last breath with dreams in their eyes, words they could never speak. 🙂

Money can’t buy happiness.

Yes. Almost half of you would disagree with my statement ‘Money can’t buy happiness. But I truly believe that materialistic things can give you fleeting happiness but it doesn’t have the power to keep you happy for long. We all get excited when we buy a new dress or the latest android phone we desired to have for long. Isn’tit? But You know what the irony is? The things which make us happy deep inside our heart and for a LonG time are actually free 😀  Like The crazy time spent with our bff’s, care from our family, love of our special someone, long sleep on a sunday morning, good memories we have had till date. Can anyone of these be bought from money?

p.s. Tell me people do you agree or disagree with my point of view? And if you do agree with me. Tell me something which makes you happy which money can’t buy 🙂

Mystery of Secrets. :D

Long time back, I once shared a secret with my bff. I had almost forgotten it after telling her that and had faith that it would always remain between us only.

But, to my surprise, Recently I got to hear the same story by somebody who claimed her bff had told her about it. And here I was sittting chilled out that the ‘secret’ wont ever be revealed.

Doesnt it sound a bit funny? I told to my bff. She told to one of her bestie. She again must have passed it on to her bff. And the chain goes on till the entire town knows about the mystery of secrets 😀 

P.s. That day I learned a good lesson ‘Never give your secret to anyone. Because if you can’t keep it to yourself Don’t expect others to. 

thanks alot everyone for your support. Keep giving your reviews. 🙂 


Its already 1 am and I am brooding over my broken friendships and failed relationships. When I saw a very relatable post on instagram. (photo)

One day, you’ll just be a memory to some people. Do your best to be a good one.’

If we always have these few lines in our mind, Wont our reaction to certain situations change automatically? Wont we like to give up the argument easily to safeguard our relation? Be more humble? Do everything possible to keep our dear ones happy?

p.s. I am stuck in 1 such situation people. Where I’m unable to decide which path to choose. Where I should let go of all the grudges I have or to hold on to the BIg EgO we humans have..Give your suggestions people 🙂

Compliment. :)

I am a strong believer in the magic of words. I’ve always believed that a perfect combination of 26 letters can leave you spell bound.

Well, guess what, that’s exactly what happened with me today. I got the most amazing compliment today and that kept me smiling for the rest of the day.

Arent the words magical really??  A single compliment from someone helps us to forget our little worries and enjoy the day more happily with that BiG smile on our face? 🙂

p.s. Lets give people more compliments more often. Maybe that’s what someone needs to cheer them up and brings a cute little smile on their faces.

So peeps, Tell me about your best compliment till date? Which may have made you smile on one of your days of blue 🙂


Today in the morning, my father asked me ‘what are your plans for future?’ And for a second I was speechless. As I am still so confused what field to chose and what I would be best in. Arent we all running in the cat race day & night to secure a good desirable life ahead of us?

Well for me, I have my mind set how I want my future life to be like-1. To have a good job (something that’s also my passion)                                           2. To have a loving family.                         3. To enjoy each day that I’m alive.         4. To make a difference in someone’s life someday. 🙂

Tell me about your dreams and plans for the future people? Something you would want to do? Something different?

p.s. Thankyou everyone for the support for my last post. Hope you like this one as well. Waiting for your reviews 🙂